Gamemaster / GM

Dorado Games is a well-established video games studio founded in Malta in 2012 by the current CEO and CTO. Today an international team of developers, designers, and artists are busy at work creating captivating strategy games across all platforms for an international audience.

We’re focusing on designing, developing and marketing online strategy games with a focus on deep gameplay experiences for players from all over the world – both for web, pc and mobile. We firmly believe in the power of including the games communities into the process of continuous game development and refinement, and define ourselves as a service-supplier to our loyal fan-base.

In a relaxed yet productive environment the team draws on knowledge from more than 60 published titles in the course of two decades. Our crew has previously worked on international titles like EVE Online, Wolfenstein, Battlefield and Battlestar Galactica Online, both as publishers and developers. Dorado’s current strategy hit “Conflict of Nations: World War 3” is in the center of our focus and constantly refined and expanded.

As a member of the Swedish Stillfront Group, we are supported by a strong studio network ranging from the US and Canada, to Germany, Dubai and Vietnam. Just a short plane-ride from most European cities, the entrepreneurial and creative vibe of the island ensures our positive team spirit and friendly collaboration.

Gamemaster / GM (m/f)
At Dorado Games Studio, Malta

As a Gamemaster you will liaise between the game’s online community, its alliances (clans), and different departments at Dorado Games, ensuring that each team has the community-related information it needs to function effectively. Representing the team and serving as an online mediator, assisting and servicing our large fan base on a daily basis via email, the forum, game tickets, ingame and on discord is a key role at Dorado, which we take extremely seriously. After all our community is our most valuable commodity, and as such we define ourselves as service providers of a deeply engaging gameplay experience.

• Play our games to get a deep knowledge of their mechanics and rules
• Represent Dorado Games and communicate with our existing customer base
• Identify and report critical issues and topics provided by players and customers
• Monitor and respond to user feedback in the respective channels (Email, Ticketing System, Forum, Discord, Facebook, Ingame chat-rooms etc.)
• Liaise and instruct our international volunteer staff with news and updates
• Observe and uphold the community-related policies of our online games

• Ability to communicate in English on a native level, both verbally and in writing
• Passion for video games /online multiplayer games
• Excellent organizational, social and diplomatic skills
• Working knowledge of office tools and online media
• Cultural sensitivity and a passion for working with people

• Any further foreign language skills such as Italian, Polish, Turkish, French, Spanish or German, both written and verbally
• Experience with game communities as clan leader or similar

Employment Details
• Indefinite contract
• On-site full- or part-time
• Starting date as soon as possible

Join our Team!

We aim to keep rocking the games market with new quality titles – so our team is the foundation for that success. If you tick most of the above boxes and want to work in a creative environment with people passionate about the work they are creating, drive your projects successfully and enjoy the great Mediterranean style work life balance, send us your application in English to